Event Media Monitoring, Alerts, and Reporting

Track media mentions and organizational ROI during any event – anytime.

You put considerable effort and expense into every event. Whether you’re preparing for earnings day, attending a tradeshow, launching a new product, or monitoring another event, it’s vital your organization monitors for relevant mentions to understand the ROI and true impact the event has on your brand.

Fullintel’s expert media analysts track every relevant mention of any event – immediately before, during, and following the big day – down to the minute. Get multiple coverage reports delivered daily, along with key takeaways through a comprehensive analysis report upon the event’s conclusion.


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Save money, improve effectiveness

Fullintel’s expert-curated event media monitoring saves companies between 30% to 60% of the costs of DIY or using a PR agency.

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Delivered when you want

Our media analysts deliver your event monitoring traditional and social media news briefs at any time of your choosing – including results on demand.

Track results down to the minute

Track which part of your product announcement or keynote address got the biggest real-time reaction on social media and online, including paywalled, niche, and subscription sources.

Always-relevant content

Reports are delivered by a dedicated Fullintel media analyst, not an algorithm, helping you avoid awkward questions from the C-suite about irrelevant or missed content.

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Put it in context with a Media Impact Report

The Media Impact Report, delivered either daily or a few days following your event (or as a combination of the two), is an in-depth overview of all relevant coverage and includes:

  • Original article image (if applicable)
  • Media source and journalist 
  • Clearly written, knowledgeable analyst summaries
  • Audience reach data, including syndication
  • Syndicated sources 
  • Social media and influencer insights

Uncover deep insights to inform comms strategy

Fullintel’s AMEC-certified media analysts dig deep into your and your competitors’ event-related mentions, to combine rock-solid quantitative data with context and qualitative insights.


  • Based only on clean data; no noise or irrelevant mentions
  • Customizable charts and graphs that adapt along with your coverage
  • Delivered via branded, executive-ready report templates or on Fullintel’s web and mobile applications
  • Your dedicated media analyst supplements media data with insights based on their in-depth knowledge of your organization and industry


Media Analysis Report

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Analyze and showcase your results

Fullintel Analysts dig deep into the mentions that you and your competitors earned during the event to provide comprehensive media analysis. Analyzing only relevant data, your Fullintel analyst will supplement quantitative insights with qualitative explanations, applying a contextual narrative to your mentions.

  • Based only on clean data; no noise or irrelevant mentions
  • Customizable charts and graphs that adapt as your coverage does
  • Delivered via branded, executive-ready report templates or on Fullintel’s web and mobile applications
  • Fullintel analysts supplement the data with insights based on their day-to-day awareness of your media footprint
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Our other services

 Media Monitoring
Media Monitoring

Get a view of your coverage across all channels including online news, broadcast, social, radio, and even premium subscription services.

Media Analysis
Media Analysis

Leverage the expertise of your dedicated Fullintel analyst for interpretation of your coverage and the impact on your brand.

Executive News Briefs
Executive News Briefs

Daily media coverage highlights and summarized insights, handpicked for relevancy and delivered to your inbox at the start of your day.

Crisis Monitoring
Crisis Monitoring

24/7 alerting, daily coverage reports, and insightful wrap-up analysis from Fullintel’s award-winning crisis media monitoring team.

Risk Compliance Monitoring
Risk & Compliance Monitoring

Accurate, real-time risk signals media monitoring to detect supply chain and other issues before they become major problems.

Let Fullintel be your managed services partner for media monitoring, executive news briefs, and media analysis reporting.


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