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The Top 10 Georgia Daily Newspapers by Circulation

The first newspaper ever founded in Georgia, the Augusta Chronicle, came into being in 1785 as the Augusta Gazette and is still published to this day.Updated February 2020  1. Atlanta Journal-Constitution The ACJ is the result of a merger between the Atlanta Journal...

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The Top 10 Idaho Daily Newspapers by Circulation

Idaho currently plays host to several weekly newspapers and a dozen daily newspapers, including the Idaho Statesman, which has been published continuously since 1864.Updated February 2020  1. Idaho Statesman Published in Boise by The McClatchy Co., the Statesman is...

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The Top 10 Illinois Daily Newspapers by Circulation

The first Illinois newspaper, the Illinois Herald, began publishing all the way back in 1815 and by the time of the U.S. Civil War, there were more than 300 newspapers in the state. During the 1870s that number doubled and, by 1880, there were more than 1,000...

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The Top 10 Indiana Daily Newspapers by Circulation

Indiana has played host to several daily and weekly newspapers since its founding, with the first being the Indiana Gazette, which was founded in 1804 (but closed just two years later after its offices were destroyed in a fire). Updated February 2020 1. The...

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The Top 10 Kansas Daily Newspapers by Circulation

Kansas is home to more than two dozen daily newspapers and several dozen weeklies, with the first newspaper in the state appearing in 1856.Updated February 2020  1. The Topeka Capital-Journal Published in Topeka by Gannett, the Capital-Journal can trace its roots back...

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The Top 10 Kentucky Daily Newspapers by Circulation

Kentucky’s first-ever newspaper (and first in the U.S. west of the Allegheny Mountains) was founded in 1787 as the Kentucke Gazette and still publishes every other Wednesday. It changed its name to “Kentucky Gazette” a few years after it was founded.Updated February...

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The Top 10 Louisiana Daily Newspapers by Circulation

The first newspaper ever published in Louisiana, the Courrier de la Louisiane, was founded in 1807 and ceased publication just before the American Civil War, in 1860. Updated February 2020 1. The Advocate (Louisiana) Published in Baton Rouge by Georges Media, the...

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The Top 10 Maryland Daily Newspapers by Circulation

Maryland plays host to some of the oldest and most well-established newspapers in the country: The Baltimore Sun and Cecil Whig, for example, were both founded during the U.S. Abolitionist Movement (in 1837 and 1841, respectively), making both outlets nearly as old as...

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The Top 10 Massachusetts Daily Newspapers by Circulation

Massachusetts is home to the very first printing press ever set up in North America, and the state (then a colony) published its very first newspaper in 1690, entitled “Public Occurrences Both Foreign and Domestick”. It was one of three newspapers in Boston to be the...

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