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The Top 10 Michigan Daily Newspapers by Circulation

Michigan’s first newspaper, entitled The Michigan Essay: or the Impartial Observer, was founded in 1809. Michigan’s second-ever newspaper, the Detroit Gazette, appeared in 1817 and was published partly in French. Updated February 2020 1. The Detroit Free Press...

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The Top 10 Minnesota Daily Newspapers by Circulation

Daily newspapers in Minnesota date back to the founding of the Minnesota Pioneer, founded in 1849. The state also has a noteworthy history of Swedish-American newspapers dating from the 1850s. Updated November 2019 1. Star Tribune Based in Minneapolis, the Star...

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The Top 10 Missouri Daily Newspapers by Circulation

The first newspaper in Missouri, the St. Louis Gazette, appeared in 1808 and went through several name changes before ceasing publication as the Missouri Republican in 1869.Updated February 2020  1. St. Louis Post-Dispatch Serves the St. Louis metro area and winner of...

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The Top 10 Montana Daily Newspapers by Circulation

Newspapers were an important source of information for the settlers of the American west, and the state of Montana was no exception. The first newspaper in the state, the Montana Post, began publishing in 1864 in an era when gold was still the preferred currency....

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The Top 10 Nebraska Daily Newspapers by Circulation

Not surprisingly, Nebraska’s largest two daily newspapers belong to its two largest cities – Omaha and Lincoln. Daily newspapers began appearing in Nebraska ever since it had become the 37th state in the Union, when the Nebraska Commonwealth (now the Lincoln Journal...

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The Top 10 New Hampshire Daily Newspapers by Circulation

Like all states along the U.S Eastern Seaboard, New Hampshire has a long and rich history with newspapers, with the oldest continuous newspaper in the country having been founded there (the bi-weekly New Hampshire Gazette, based in Portsmouth). Updated November 2019...

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The Top 10 New Jersey Daily Newspapers by Circulation

Our list of top daily newspapers across New Jersey includes venerable publications dating back to 1832, such as The Star-Ledger, to newer outlets such as the South Jersey Times (founded in 2012). Updated November 2019   1. Asbury Park Press The Asbury Park Press...

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The Top 10 New Mexico Daily Newspapers by Circulation

Even though the Santa Fe New Mexican stakes a claim as being the oldest newspaper in the west, it was a newspaper called La Verdad that was the first-ever New Mexican news publication (founded in 1844, when New Mexico was still a Mexican province). Updated February...

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The Top 10 New York Daily Newspapers by Circulation

Even though New York’s first-ever newspaper – The Gazette, established 1725 – only ran for 19 years before closing up shop, New York state has a rich newspaper history (as some of the founding dates on this list confirm). Today, more than two dozen daily newspapers,...

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