The Importance of Data Quality: Why Clean Media Data Is Vital for Relevant Analysis and Insights

Data cleanliness and quality have been hot topics in the business intelligence (BI) world for years, and rightfully so. Without clean and non-siloed data, companies risk making bad business decisions based on the wrong insights. The same principle also applies to...

How to Find and Track Your Most Important Influencers on Social Media and in the News

Because key influencers and opinion leaders often have an outsized impact on public perception around your industry, brand, and products, it’s imperative to know who they are and what they’re saying in as close to real-time as possible. But you can’t do that solely...

Seven Rules for Your Next Media Monitoring Request for Proposals (RFP) From an Industry Expert

I’ve helped a lot of companies develop requests for proposals (RFPs) over the years. Probably the most powerful advice I can offer is that when it comes to RFP creation for media monitoring and measurement, it’s important to not just reuse an old RFP bundled into a...

Six Important Ways Fullintel Empowers PR Agencies (and Their Clients) to Do Their Best Work

PR agencies provide a valuable service for large enterprises by helping them meet their communications and media engagement goals. But it’s important to remember that they’re just one part of the communications ecosystem. A specialized media monitoring, news brief...

The Challenge of Media Monitoring for Health Care and Pharmaceutical Companies (and How to Fix It)

Being a large health-care provider, health system, or pharmaceutical company isn’t easy, especially in an age of rising operational costs, emerging diseases, and aging populations. Being a communications team for a large health-care provider, health system, or...

Is Your Media Monitoring and Analysis Solution Doing a Good Job? Five Questions to Ask if You’re Not So Sure

Media monitoring and analysis solutions come in various packages. Some focus primarily on social listening, others on traditional media such as print and broadcast. Some are fully automated and self serve, while still others use a combination of expert curation and...

Spotting (and Eliminating) Fake News: Tips From the Media Monitoring Experts

Although it may seem like it at times, fake news is nothing new.  Governments and other organizations, for example, have employed propaganda on countless occasions during wartime to diminish enemy morale and bolster their own. And anyone who has ever shopped in a...

Social Listening 101: How to Monitor TikTok and Instagram Stories for Mentions of Your Brand

Sifting through the noise on social media can be time-consuming and challenging for PR teams at the best of times, especially for those at large organizations with massive social media footprints. But what about when your organization is mentioned on a social media...

The Six-Year History of Fullintel (and What’s to Come) in 7 Bullet Points

The team and I were recently having one of our regular meetings (via video conferencing, of course) when we realized that as of this month, Fullintel will have been providing media monitoring, executive news briefings, and media analysis services to our clients for...

The Hidden Costs (and Pain) of DIY Media Monitoring and Executive News Briefs

For most PR teams, daily executive news briefs to stakeholders are one of their most important deliverables. Also called “daily briefs” or “executive news briefs,” they’re typically distributed in the morning via email and are composed of the most relevant news items...

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